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“A divide is coming in the digital marketing world between those marketers who know how to tell stories and those who don't. Those who know how will stand the test of time.”

- Matt Johnston

Matt Johnston Online Content Consultants Matt and Jamie

 Matt Johnston

Matt has worked for some of publishing's biggest companies and driven billions and billions of video views and page views to mammoth Manhattan digital publishers. 

Matt was a top editor and founding video producer at Business Insider  where he helped build BI into one of the premiere digital publishers in the world.

He then moved to New York Magazine, where he was brought in to create their video department from scratch. He scaled Facebook video views there from 1 few thousands a month to hundreds of millions within two months. He and his team also won as ASME award for best mini documentary.

He then moved to NowThis, the #1  news video publisher on facebook to launch and run the company's three new lifestyle channels. The team brought in $5 million+ in revenue and drive tends of billions of video views.

He now runs a successful advertising agency, Guide Social, that has made his clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, and focuses on teaching advertisers and online coaches how to leverage content to build massive brand awareness and ROI.

Jamie content consultant

 Jamie Barber 

Jamie has worked in marketing for over 12 years, and she is an absolute rockstar content marketer and SEO ninja.  

She's brought countless amounts of website traffic to business websites over the years through the use of content and SEO. She's also a crack genius at Google Ads and building online coaching funnels.

Jamie enjoys showing her fellow marketers, coaches, and business owners exactly how they can drive traffic through search engines, and how to convert traffic to sales.