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"Content is the secret ingredient  ... and what I'm giving you are all the secrets I learned as a Top Editor at Business Insider, Senior Producer at NowThis, and Executive Producer at New York Magazine to drive billions of viral clicks and views online" - Matt Johnston

We Have Built the Ultimate Content Program Created SPECIFICALLY For Passionate Entrepreneurs who:

  • Don't Have Enough Sales, but do have a great product
  • Don't know how to market their product without paid ads and want a solution
  • Want a super easy, low cost solution to building a brand

Do you remember why you started this business in the first place?

Did you picture a world where running your own business gave you ...

  • An escape from the 9-5 slog and the freedom to live your life on your own terms
  • The opportunity to work on your own passion project instead of someone else's
  • The flexibility to work anywhere and be your own boss

BUT, did you end up with a world where ...

  • You are chained to your laptop trying to troubleshoot your sales problems instead of spending time with family
  • You can't figure out how to cheaply and effectively market your business
  • People seem interested in your product but aren't buying anything
  • You are constantly worried you'll have to give up and go back to having a regular job

Content Marketing is the secret weapon to get you back to the world you dreamed of — by transforming your business into a brand customers fall in love with and buy from.

And you can master proven storytelling techniques to reach that goal with our exclusive plug-and-play system, the Digital Marketing Content Conservatory.

A 6-week content marketing bootcamp that trains you to be an expert content creator, even if you have never made content before. With unprecedented feedback and support during your journey.

"The Best Decision We Made"

Matt helped us to better understand how to create high value content to crush our goals this year

- Russell Masters

The Most Innovative Curriculum That Exists to Learn Content Marketing

And the only training you'll ever need to break your business wide open

What You Can Expect Inside:

☑︎ A 'plug and play' system to master proven storytelling techniques to create loyal, engaged brand fans

☑︎A complete guide to virality for skyrocketing traffic (you'll get more traffic for than you could ever imagine ...)

☑︎ Free access to Matt & Jamie for unlimited help with content for your business to make sure you milk this information for all its worth.

☑︎ A one-of-a-kind complete guide to SEO strategy for blogs to plug into massive traffic through Google search

☑︎ The system we've used to drive billions of video views and transform entire businesses with a single piece of content

☑︎ A complete guide to organic social media strategy loaded with virality hacks

☑︎ A hands-on practical 6-week program with regular assessments to track progress towards mastery

☑︎ Free access to weekly support calls with Matt & Jamie and 24/7 group support from coaches and team members

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  • FREE 30- Day Money Back Guarantee
  • FREE 1-Month Matt & Jamie Mastermind Membership upon Graduation
  • FREE DMCC Exclusive Coffee Mug 

"I felt overwhelmed because I was not getting my message across ... Then, I found them."

Lucia Suarez


Matt and Jamie are absolutely amazing! I felt overwhelmed because I was not getting my message across ... Then, I found them. They are a lifesaver! Trust me, I have had a lot of courses. Some are good ... but Matt and Jamie provide gold nuggets in each video, that the other courses are not able to provide during the whole program. They teach from experience, they know what they are talking about! Each video has something you can actually apply and make your business work ... If you are thinking about joining their program, go for it! They actually teach you all the insider secrets and help you along the way. Thank You, Matt and Jamie you are amazing mentors!

"Substantial Increase in Organic Traffic"

Laura McGuire

CEO, Hipstik

Before Jamie, we were fulfilling steady orders, but relied on ads, which tended to strain profit margins. Then we hired Jamie for integrated content marketing and saw a substantial increase in organic traffic while adding hundreds of customers to our email list per month. This all led to an increase in purchases without relying on ad spend.

"The Best Decision We Made"

Russell Masters

Creatively Disruptive

We worked with Matt to help us develop new content strategy & directions for our clients in 2019 and it was the best decision we have made. Matt's knowledge is superb and brainstorming on content is a blast. Having worked with Matt, he has helped us to better understand how to create high value content to crush our goals this year as well as help us develop an excellent framework to work with.

"Expert in Storytelling"

Tom M.


Very few people I've ever met understand social video as much as Matt Johnston. Recognizing the stories that connect with digital audiences and packaging them accordingly is an art form he understands intuitively. In our year working together, Matt proved to be an expert in both the storytelling and editing aspect of video news, crafting project after project in a way that was engaging, entertaining, and informative all at once.

A Letter from Matt ...

Dear Friend,

I know you have a lot of courses flying at you all the time in your various newsfeeds, all promising grandiose things.

I am an entrepreneur too, and I get it, I am flooded as well. But I wasn't going to let that stop me from creating something which I am absolutely positive can help so many people out there who want to survive in this cutthroat environment.

Stories are the future of online marketing, and I have so much to share with you about how to build incredible levels of trust, authority, traffic , and yes SALES to your business. And I have put absolutely every piece of it in this conservatory.

This is the culmination of so many years of trial and error and massive viral success as a top editor at Business Insider, Executive Producer and New York Magazine, and Senior Producer at NowThis.

Nobody is killing it in organic traffic better than the big publishers. And I am here to bring everything I've learned during those years to you, and help train you to crush it too.

I would not put this conservatory out into the world if I did not think it would truly change people's lives and businesses. Trust me, if you stick with us, we will take you to a whole new level.

See you inside.



content marketing course matt johnston

A Letter from Jamie ...

Dear Friend,

While other people are talking about the newest marketing trends, I want to show you the tried and true. These strategies have worked for brands for decades. I don’t want this to be another short-term fad-of-the-month tactic, but the glue that binds all of the marketing pieces you’ve learned over the years together. This is your long-term strategy, your endgame.

The online world is always changing. We see how fast things move. We invest so much time and energy in keeping up that we’ve forgotten what is at the root of it all...stories.

I’ve been in marketing a long time, and I know that following plug and play templates aren’t always effective. I know, because I’ve done them over and over. I’ve read a lot. I inhaled knowledge like air so I could be the best marketer I could be, and it STILL wasn’t enough. Not without the differentiator, not without giving life and meaning to the things I was marketing.

I will be right here with you through your journey as we create these stories, and use short and long-term strategies to get your content seen to create sustainable brands. We’ll be working on these things together, every step of the way.

I don’t just want you to take this knowledge and have a massively successful business, though that’s certainly a benefit. I want you to create positive, inspiring, impactful stories that change the world around you. Without impact, without sharing truths and connecting people, marketing is hollow.

I always wanted to change the world, to leave behind a legacy of inspiration, helping others, and make a positive impact. It took me a long time to realize marketing doesn’t have to be stressful and empty. It can be full, fulfilling, and amazing.

Be that storyteller. Be the content creator I know you are. Step outside of the tech overload for just a second to unveil what has built huge, successful brands that have withstood the test of time.

I can’t wait to share this journey with you.


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"The Launch Went Wild"

Pratt was blown away by the virality of the marketing campaign our system created for him & his business

We are looking for a group of entrepreneurs who are interested in a serious program to seriously expand their businesses to keep up with the changing times.

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  • A Free 30-Day Membership to the Exclusive Mastermind Upon Graduation
  • A Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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More Content. More Sales. More Freedom.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there payment plan options?

Yes! We have made the DMCC, we think, very affordable as a one time payment considering the huge amount of content and support BUT there are definitely options to split it up should you wish.

Do Matt & Jamie have teaching experience?

We pride ourselves on not only having long, successful careers in organic content marketing, but also seasoned teaching experience. Matt is on the faculty at two universities (Muhlenberg College & Kean University)

Who is this for?

GREAT question. The DMCC is for a few types of people:

1. Entrepreneurs who are making some content but are having trouble converting it into sales and need a fix.

2. Entrepreneurs who have never made content before and don't have the budget to do pay-per-click ads.

3. Business owners who want to build a real, true brand and generate massive traffic and brand loyalty.

Is there a community?

120%! The Secret Facebook Group is one of the foremost features of the curriculum. You'll be sharing assignments in the group, getting feedback, and giving it as well. It's also a place to get real time feedback from Matt and Jamie and your peers on current client needs.