October 30, 2018

Don’t Put Another Video on Facebook Until You Do This

woman screaming - posting video on Facebook tips

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woman screaming - posting video on Facebook tips

Video on social media is a beast, let’s just be up front and honest about that. Some proof, if you need it:

And the list goes on and on. All that said, it’s the thing that Facebook loves the most, yet it takes the biggest lift from marketers and small businesses who are trying to reach as many people in their target audiences as possible.

So everyone wants to be in the video space, but everyone sees it as an intimidating beast. But the truth is, there are some really simple ways to make video work for you on Facebook.

Even if you aren’t blowing people away with the aesthetic quality of your video, it still has a much better chance of making a big impact in your Facebook content strategy than an image, link, or text.

To go even further, audiences actually prefer a more raw experience floating through their news feeds.

Man talking to camera

It’s me. But let me share with you two tips to really make your social media stand out in a meaningful way that take very little effort on your part:

1. Make your video square or vertical

Why? The numbers don’t lie. According to a Buffer study, square video takes up 78% more of your newsfeed real estate (making it more eye catching), and square videos have up to 30-35% more video views and feature a 80-100% engagement boost. That’s legit.

The golden rule of social media is make your content platform specific. More real estate means more eyeballs, means more engagement. Buffer also notably found that square video was cheaper within ads.

If you want to make your video square, just make sure the dimensions in your video editor are set to 1080×1080.

Basketball player yelling

Eye catching images and video off the top make a big difference

2. Make the first 3 seconds KILLER

I like to think that I coined this term but I have absolutely no proof of such a thing other than the fact I made it up once on the spot … but optimizing the first three seconds of your video turns it into a ‘thumb stopper.’

The concept here, of course, is that people are scrolling through their Facebook newsfeed with rapid fire thumbs. Swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe. How do you stand out in that hostile environment!

Making your first three seconds visually grabby really helps. Think about visual hooks you can have there. Do you have great footage? Grabby text? Something bright, beautiful, and eye catching?

That initial moment can make or break your video. There are obviously a ton of other things you can do to optimize, for example, always making sure nobody needs sound on to experience your video.

But this is a good start. Take the plunge, go on YouTube, do a quick iMovie tutorial, and learn to throw stuff together in even the most basic format. Video doesn’t need to be complicated to work for you on Facebook.

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Matt Johnston is an Online Content Consultant. He has worked for major publications such as Business Insider and New York Magazine. Matt enjoys teaching business owners how to create valuable content such as tips for posting video on Facebook, blog story ideas and more. Learn how to create videos for social media in Matt and Jamie’s content marketing course.

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Matt Johnston