Exclusive Masterclass with Matt Johnston & Jamie Barber

How to Skyrocket and Grow Your Existing Marketing Business With Content Even if You've Never Made it Before
Business not growing fast enough? Or not at all? You need these skills.

While working as a top Editor for Business Insider, as a Senior Producer for NowThis, and as an Executive Producer at New York Magazine, Matt Johnston created viral content that received billions of clicks and views.

He teamed up with Jamie Barber, a veteran marketer, who has used content marketing to drive tons of organic traffic through SEO.

This FREE masterclass - which we rarely share publicly - shows you exactly how to create the type of content that can easily add another $185k+ revenue to your business by leveraging viral content (that we will show you how to create). 

If you're tired of unhappy clients calling late at night, are not paid anywhere near what you are worth, or run a business that cannot get seen no matter what they do, you will get HUGE value from this free masterclass.

Normally consulting with Matt and Jamie would cost upwards of $1.5k, but this training is free today.

In this exclusive free training you will learn:

  • Our rarely made public 3 secrets of virality  — the same secrets we have used to drive billions and billions of video views and page views.
  • The secret upsell that can add $185K+ p/y to your business.
  • 3 Exclusive hacks you can implement right away to drive massive increases in traffic.

"The Best Decision We Made"

Matt helped us to better understand how to create high value content to crush our client goals this year

RUSSELL MASTERS  //  Creatively Disrupted

"Substantial Increase in Organic Traffic"

"We hired Jamie for Integrated Content Marketing and saw a substantial increase in organic traffic while adding hundreds of people to our email list per month. This all led to an increase in purchases without relying on ad spend."

LAURA MCGUIRE  //  Hipstik Founder

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"Content wins better clients with bigger wallets ... and what I'm giving you are all the secrets I learned as a Top Editor at Business Insider, Senior Producer at NowThis, and Executive Producer at New York Magazine to drive billions of viral clicks and views online" - Matt Johnston

This Training is for You If ....

  • You Want To Add $15-20K In Added Revenue Each Month (Minimum)
  • Better, Happier Clients Who Don't Text You With 911's at 2 am
  • You Want To Help Clients Build Long-Term Revenue As Well As Short Term Gains (Instead Of A Quick Buck)
  • You Run a Business that Is in a Desperate Struggle to be Seen Online and You're Worried It Never Will
  • You Want to Live the Live of Freedom You Thought You Could Have as an Ambitious Entrepreneur, Instead of Being a Slave to Your Business

Content Marketing is the secret weapon to get you back to the world you dreamed of — by transforming your advertising business into a business that is essentially a factory for trust, brand loyalty, and value.

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