October 27, 2018

Social Media Tips for Business: How to Turn Social Interactions into Revenue

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You’ve seen them everywhere. Social media tips and tricks are floating around all over the place telling you how to get more followers and likes. But the truth is, followers and likes are just numbers when they don’t translate into revenue. We like to call them vanity metrics, meaning those things LOOK good, but they don’t necessarily drive sales. In the business world, revenue is the end goal. So, it’s super important to know how to use social media to drive revenue, and not simply get likes and comments. Here are 4 social media tips for business, to turn a social media follower into a purchaser.

Social Media Tips for Business: How to Turn Social Interactions Into Revenue

Bring your social media followers closer to your business to convert them into buyers with these 4 tips:

1. Produce content that brings social media followers to your website.

Social media posts should promote engagement since that’s why people are following you in the first place. You should be asking questions and posting about things your customers are interested in. However, as a business, your ultimate goal is to drive them to your website to make a purchase. In reality, sales posts on social media fall flat and gain little traction. So, how exactly do you bring them to your website? You produce good content. Write blogs and create videos that are embedded on your site, that offer your followers value. You can even recycle the content and share it again later, so it’s not a one time share and done strategy. You’ll need a catchy title and a hook to get them to click, so put on your creative hat and think about what it is your customer might want to see or know.

2. Have a lead magnet on your website to woo customers longer.

While social media can seem like the holy grail of communicating with potential buyers, it often falls short. That last post you spent hours pondering, probably got delivered to your closest friends and then got lost in the great abyss. This means that you need another method to woo your potential customer. Email combined with social media can be a very powerful tool. A lead magnet, is something you are giving away for free in exchange for an email address. Often lead magnets are digital products, but they can also be physical like a product sample. By offering something for free, you are creating trust with potential customers while gaining a secondary way to interact with them.

3. Create an email sequence.

An email sequence is a written sequence of emails that entices a lead to take action. There are several types of email sequences. Email sequences should provide value, meaning you should offer something meaningful and beneficial to customers. They should also include testimonials or emotional stories, (hint people purchase with emotions more often than out of necessity). Lastly, they should include calls to action with an offer to convert them into buyers.

4. Retarget.

By setting up a Facebook Pixel or adding Google Ads’ code to your website, you are capturing the information of everyone who lands on your website. You can then set up ads to reach these people and turn them into customers. The Facebook pixel gathers data so that you can show ads on both Facebook and Instagram.

If you don’t have any funds on hand, consider doing a giveaway and use a bot on your Facebook page to convert followers to sales. Bots store email addresses and can communicate with those followers that have previously engaged with it. This means you can send out a retargeting message on Facebook Messenger for free!

Developing a strategy to nurture your social media followers over time will help them become more than the occasional “like” or “share.”  Implement these strategies and you’re likely to see an impact in your sales.

Jamie Barber helps business owners develop content marketing strategies,  drawing visitors to websites and converting them into buyers, after having implemented these strategies herself over the years for multiple businesses. Jamie and her partner, Matt Johnston, provide training to small business owners in their content marketing course. In addition, they provide 1 on 1 content marketing strategy sessions.

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