February 5, 2019

Whether You Think You Are or Not, I Promise. You ARE Creative

Everyone is creative - yes, you too!

Whether you think you're creative or not, guess what? You ARE! 

Creativity is in every single one of us. It's just all about getting out of our own way.

It's time to stop putting up roadblocks that get in the way of our own natural intuition and creativity. It's stopping us from telling the stories we need to tell and connecting with people on a very real level. 

And once we learn to actually unlock that key, to take down those barriers, to break down that wall, then we can actually open up our mind to the very instincts that allow us to be the creative human beings that we are. 

It's not binary.

I do not believe that it's binary, like some people are creative, some people are not.  We are ALL creative.

There are people who have figured out how to tear down that wall in front of them that is stopping them from actually accessing the potential they have to have a crazy imagination and think deeply about things and get a little weird sometimes. 

And then there are people who still continue to have almost an obsession over that wall. They put roadblocks in front of them, saying things like, "I'm not creative" "I don't have the capacity to do that" "My brain doesn't work that way" It's all BS. 

Unlock the magic inside you!

You are MAGICAL. You are CREATIVE. And once you learn that all you need to do is unlock that potential that you have inside of you, it will open up a world of possibilities for you professionally and personally. 

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Matt Johnston